Manufacturing Intelligence, 8d methode

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Manufacturing Intelligence

boost the capability of man and machine for continuous excellence
Manufacturing intelligence, Process excellence, Continuous improvement

Take advantage of the new opportunities that Manufacturing Intelligence and Big Data offer in the era of Smart Industry, and Industry 4.0. Achieve process stability and boost capability quickly with our easy to learn ΔY Logic ™ algorithm and our data analysis service with Braincube® software. It will change the way you work and the way you use data to make decisions. Get more profit from your Continuous Improvement and Process Excellence efforts.

Manufacturing Intelligence and ΔY Logic

ΔY Logic ™ makes use of data (Big Data) and consists of a number of effective strategies for the reduction of production deviations. This will increase your skills in the field of data analysis and troubleshooting. You penetrate more quickly to the root causes of recurring quality problems. Faster than with traditional procedures such as the 8D method, Six Sigma, etc. This is of increasing importance, particularly in the dynamic era of Smart Industry, and Industry 4.0.

You also want to be more successful in the future?

We help you with a brand new approach and a unique tailor-made service.

Learn about our highly effective way of problem analysis and problem solving. Experience how your struggles with product and process improvements disappear by thinking differently and using modern data-analytics. No more trial and error, but tackling long-standing issues quickly and effectively.

Reinforce your current industry standards for problem solving (8D, A3, Kepner-Tregoe, Six Sigma, etc.) with our new formula.


  • Learn to solve problems more quickly and effectively.
  • Reduce your costs and achieve more profit.
  • Remain a step ahead of the increasing fierce competition.
  • Improve your corporate image.

Recent quality problem in the News

Shirts tear like toilet paper… clarifies this quality problem: “Following the match between Switzerland and France at the European football championship Puma will investigate the quality of the football shirts. With several players from Switzerland the shirt was destroyed on Sunday evening as it was pulled. They seemed to be made of toilet paper.

Puma has no idea why the shirts so easily teared. ,,Our product experts will examine the material. Once we know the cause, we release the outcome”, said a spokeswoman of the sportswear manufacturer on Monday. She stressed that in ten other European Championship matches, where the five countries using shirts from Puma participated, the problem has not occurred. ”

More than 130 million football fans witnessed it …

Manufacturing Intelligence through Braincube® and ΔY Logic™ for Continuous Improvement and Process Excellence